Interviews: Q&A

At end of the interview you'd be asked if you have any questions. This guise is employed to figure out what drives you and see if you're a team fit.

But use this opportunity to glean insights into the organization where you'll be spending most of your valuable waking hours at. Look for red flags that don't fit with you.

Don't squander your chance at this by asking superficial, self-serving questions about work life balance or remote working options which will be clearly stated in the contract. They could also be held against you.

Below is a list of questions that you could ask:

- Can you describe the current tech org and what’s the stack?
- Can you describe a typical day?
- How do you get features defined and release? If possible can you provide me example of the last few releases?
- How autonomous the engineers and what are biggest challenges they face?
- Can you describe the role and responsibilities?
- How are people evaluated?
- How do people grow and learn?
- What the best and worst thing about working at ***?

A typical question you do get asked is:

Where do you see your self in 5 years?

Don't say "not at this company". Instead, focus on growth with the company and challenges the you'll help them solve.

I'll revise this going forward and do comment on things I could add. Good luck!